Fall Afresh Upon Me (Worship Wednesday – October 2016)

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Fall. My favorite time of year!  A season of change. Cooler weather brings hoodies, fire pits, orange, red and gold leaves falling from trees. A time where decorations begin to cover our front walkways; pumpkin everything abounds! Baking commences and thankfulness is the thought of the season. Fall for me brings feelings of gratefulness, and of […]

The Thief of Joy

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He asks what’s wrong. I answer with my usual, “Nothing. I’m fine.” He can read it on my face, see it in my eyes. I’m not okay. I confess, “I shouldn’t have said I was fine, because I’m not fine. I’m comparing myself to others.” I begin telling him how I want to be successful. I […]


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Obedience. A simple word that evokes a range of emotions. Fear, failure, guilt, shame, and especially rebelliousness are associated with obedience.  We were told as children to be obedient to our parents, and now we say the same to our children.  There’s a sense of control when telling someone to be obedient to you. Oh, how […]