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Fall Afresh Upon Me (Worship Wednesday – October 2016)

Fall. My favorite time of year! 

A season of change. Cooler weather brings hoodies, fire pits, orange, red and gold leaves falling from trees. A time where decorations begin to cover our front walkways; pumpkin everything abounds! Baking commences and thankfulness is the thought of the season.

fall afresh upon me

Fall for me brings feelings of gratefulness, and of newness. One might associate newness with spring when life is blooming anew, but for me it begins in fall. I become re-energized after a long, hot summer. We begin a new school year, new routines, and schedules. Summer is a busy time of year for us and if you ask my friends they’ll tell you we disappear the month of August. The girls and I hunker down inside, organizing and preparing for the coming school year. The 100* heat of a Texas summer is not one I am fond of, even if I was born and raised here. So, we become hermits. Then comes a day when you wake early and the air is crisp. It drives a chill down your spine, engaging you, beckoning you to come outside and play. I begin walking again, worship music pouring into me through my ear buds. Lately it seems every time I turn on Pandora the song, Fall Afresh, is the first to play.

The crunch of leaves under foot, a thirst burning within… I find myself singing along, asking the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on me. I’ve been slumbering through the summer, running on empty, and I’m desperately seeking His face, His voice, His Spirit. This song says what has been aching inside of me.

Let your glory now invade… Spirit of the Living God, come fall afresh on me, come wake me from my sleep.

Fall, I’m glad you’ve arrived, and not only brought with you cooler days, but also a freshness to my soul.


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