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No Longer A Slave (Worship Wednesday – April 2016)

We stand together… Mothers, daughters, voices lifted high… a melody, an ensemble of love.

Tears form and fall. For a moment fear takes a backseat and I can feel it – the quiet release of my soul.  Heaven touches down on earth, and I smile. Hands lifted. Surrender. No longer a slave.

Fears. Worries. Frustrations. They are drowned in perfect love. We need not worry about the things of this world. His perfect love surrounds us, guides us, fulfills us. The fears we feel can be laid at the cross. Given over. Taking His yoke, and laying ours down. What freedom. What love.

There are times it’s a daily struggle to surrender. My will wants to overcome His quiet voice. Worrying and fretting is easier than trusting. Then I’m reminded again that I am a child of God. His blood flows through my veins. I’ve been adopted.

I am no longer who I once was, and I’m not yet who I will become, but I’m better now than I use to be. Surrender. Perfect love. That’s what changes us. That’s what strips us of our fears and releases joy, happiness, heaven on earth.

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