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Last year, our daughter Marley, attended her kindergarten year at a twice a week enrichment school.  For their main curriculum they used My Father’s World. Since we moved away, and she could no longer attend the school, we chose to stay with what she knew and loved.  So, for this year we are using My Father’s World first grade curriculum, Learning God’s Story.

Marley is thriving! She loves school, and her reading is out of this world!  Our days run smoothly since she knows what to expect, and she likes to get her work done so she can play the rest of the day.  As part of the 1st grade program she is learning a new proverb every week.  Now this girl LOVES her some Jesus.  She has been highlighting the name “God” and/or “Jesus” in her own bible for a couple of years now!  When we first began the program she was a little unsure of memorization.  So, to make the process easier for her I made up some cute, colorful flash cards.


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I thought putting a picture with the words would help her recall the verses easily.   I printed out one set with the verse on one side and the name of the proverb on the other.  I then printed out a second set and left the name and verse separate so we could use them as a matching memory game.  To make the cards sturdier I used card stock, and then lamented them.  So far it seems to be working!  Each Monday she recites the verses she’s learned, and then will spend the week learning a new one.  The cards have held up well and Marley says the pictures help her understand the meaning of the proverb.  Since these have helped her I thought I’d pass them on to anyone who might want to use them.

I do want to say I used different versions of the Bible to make these cards.  I looked up the verses in the most commonly used versions and chose the one I thought would be easiest not only to memorize, but that would also help her understand the meaning. I know this is an uncommon thing to do, as most people like to stick to one version, but I don’t do that as an adult. I enjoy looking verses up in the AMP, NASB, NIV, NIrV (for the kids), NLT, NKJV, MSG, etc. It gives me a better idea of what a particular verse means, and the context of it. As Marley gets older I’ll stick to one version, but for now, I wanted to grasp what the verses meant so she could easily apply them to her every day life.

It truly is amazing to watch your child recite the Word of God from memory.

I hope these cards help your child grow in the Word, and allow them to build a strong foundation upon the Rock.


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