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A simple word that evokes a range of emotions. Fear, failure, guilt, shame, and especially rebelliousness are associated with obedience.  We were told as children to be obedient to our parents, and now we say the same to our children.  There’s a sense of control when telling someone to be obedient to you. Oh, how our humanness ruins a beautiful word. Man’s law of obedience is forced submission.  God’s law of obedience is one of trust, love, and action.

When I answered my call from God, and became a believer in Jesus Christ, I became a new creation.  In my newborn state I had to relearn what obedience means.  I’ve now grown into a full-blown toddler believer, going on 4 years now, and I’m still learning what obedience truly means.  God has shown me what a beautiful thing it is. I have many examples, and they all come out with blessing on the other end.  Obeying God brings life and wholeness, not only to me or our family, but to the receiver as well.

Some don’t know, but God has a sense of humor.  He loves to have you do seemingly random things for His kingdom. My latest act of obedience is an example.


It was a black scarf with white crosses, a gift from my mom, my first time wearing it.  I loved it! Light, not heavy, perfect for year round wear.  I’m in the restroom at church waiting for my daughter.  A woman, with a three-year old daughter learning to potty train, and I smile back and forth at what an adventure potty training is.  She comments on my scarf, says “it’s so cute!” and wonders where she could find one.  Since mine was a gift I told her I wasn’t sure.  We talk and laugh, encouraged by compliments and 2 minutes of mom-to-mom conversation.  She exits and I feel it.  That deep down urge and push from the Holy Spirit.  I hear Him say, “Give her the scarf.”  I retort, “Really? Are you serious? That’s so weird! Plus it’s the first time I’ve worn this scarf.  I really like it. She’s going to think I’m totally weird. AND I don’t know which direction she went.”  Yeah… A lot of excuses.  I then say to God, “On the slight chance that I see her when I’m leaving I’ll think about giving her the scarf.”

My two youngest daughters and I left the restroom, and walked through the cafe on our way to our car.  Who was there in line?  The woman from the restroom.  I walked on by.  Yep, I did. The prompting within me grew and with red cheeks I made a u-turn, and headed towards her.  As I walked up to her she smiled, and I blurted out, not so eloquently, that I wanted to give her my scarf.

She sweetly declined, and said that’s not what she’d meant when she had complimented me earlier.  I said I know.  I knew there was no compliment so she could get.  I told her I truly felt led to give her the scarf.  Her eyes began to tear up among our hugs, and I couldn’t contain my smile and inward sighs of, “Oh, thank you Lord she doesn’t think I’m weird!”  She asked if I needed prayer for anything, and I told her no that I’m good right now.  That our family is in a good place.  I asked her what she might need prayer for, and she said nothing, that they had received joyful news the other day that one of their sons wouldn’t need brain surgery.  She was glowing.  She said that a simple act of my obedience had given her a confirmation that she needed to obey God in all ways, even the little what could be strange acts of obedience.  Just that morning she said, in the class she took at church, her last note was, “Be obedient, even when I don’t understand.” And here I was… being obedient even though I didn’t understand why God wanted me to give her a scarf.  You see, it wasn’t about the scarf at all.  It’s a thing.  I can always find another one, she could have bought one at a store.  But God loves to reach people but using other people.  Our encounter that day ended with her buying my 6-year-old daughter 2 snacks, who then said we should do something nice for someone. An obedient act from God will change more than one persons life.  It has the ability to grow and multiply.

The woman and I’s conversation and divine appointment isn’t over yet.  We exchanged phone numbers, and the texts I’ve received blow me away.  She said our obedience experience continued to the next morning. Where she says our meeting “saved one of my kids’ lives. I mean that literally.” I cannot wait to see her again and hear how God is working in their lives.

A black scarf with white crosses made a divine impact.  Imagine if you follow the prompting of God where it could lead… even if you find it silly.

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