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A New Home

The day before Thanksgiving, the Lord blessed us with a new home.  It is not a new home, on the contrary it was built in 1960; however, it is new to us.

This home is our Promised Land.  We were slaves to another home, in an area that wasn’t working for us.  After 40 days of prayer and fasting we listed our home, and it sold within 3 days.  It was the miracle we were needing.  We didn’t know where we were going or what we were going to do.  We knew we were suppose to sell but didn’t know where God had us going next.  The next four months were a tumultuous time.  We had been offered family land to build on, and thought, “Let’s try it out!”  We moved into a 520 sq foot tiny “home” in July.  In reality the “tiny home” was an apartment above a metal shop that belonged to family.  We had a bathroom, a bedroom for all of us, and a living area.  The tiny quarters weren’t too hard to live in and fulfilled my dream of living in a tiny home, well kinda.  If we would have had our own kitchen then it would’ve worked well!  In September we felt like building in the country, an hour and a half away from my husbands job, wouldn’t be the best fit for our family.  So, we began house-hunting.

House-hunting proved to be a lot harder than we expected.  House’s were going fast, and in the budget we set for ourselves it was proving even harder to find a home in an area that would work for our family.  After a few weeks of exhaustive searching, on a whim, we set up an appointment for a home that we saw online.  It only had 4 pictures on the listing and they were terrible.  Horrible pictures really.  Our realtor even seemed surprised we wanted to see it, but we knew there was just something about the outside that peeked our interest.

We set up a showing on a Thursday in October, during my husband’s lunch hour.  When I turned onto the street I said to our oldest daughter, “This is it. I feel it.”  We didn’t even have the house in our view and God was telling me, “This is the one for your family.”

When we walked in the door there was no rush of “Yes! A dream home!” … but there was potential.  Dirty, dark brown carpet? Check.  Mismatched cabinets in the kitchen, the upper ones without doors? Check. Check. A tiny, orange and brown, original tiled master bathroom? Check, again! The girls’ bathroom is all original tile too, but they love it.  It’s turquoise, and this mama was just glad it wasn’t pink or olive green! But the yard! Oh, the yard! A 1/4 acre lot in the city?! Big front yard AND a big backyard? Mature trees!? A fireplace?! Those things you can’t replace… ugly carpet, replaceable.  Nasty tile? Easy enough to get rid of.

There was no doubt in our minds that this was the house the Lord was leading us to.  Willard’s commute would only be 30 minutes – at most.  Forget the hour and a half drive to and from work!

We did not come by this “miracle” home easily.  We had years of struggle, but that struggle was met with prayer, giving, and obedience.  We did what God asked of us.  We changed our ways. We listened for His voice.  It was not easy, but it was so worth it.

God was faithful in His giving to us what he promised.

Now that we’re in our promised land we can’t wait to see where Father takes us next!

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